About Us

Our Success is Your Success

   Level Elite is dedicated and on a mission to ensure that excellence is in the fabric of every organization. One of the key components that leads to success is customer service. We use training and efficiency to build industry leaders. We are committed to working with companies and individuals to help them raise the level of service offered by each person and company. We firmly believe that the way you treat others matters. Our goal is to help each company by ensuring their employees know how to serve, have a desire to be effective, and find value in excellence.


Meet the Founder

      Nedra Brown is a loving wife and mother who has a passion for people. Nedra's ability to transfer what she has learned to others, makes her a master trainer. She realized that there was a lack of mentors immediately when she entered the work force and has made it her mission to educate and prepare others for success. Her faith and work ethic have been instrumental in her personal and professional development. Nedra's drive and determination sets her apart. She views  Level Elite as a platform to make a difference and create a solution to the issues surrounding professionalism, customer service, mentorship, confidence, and development. 

    Additionally, Nedra has been instrumental in the development of several businesses. She has a passion for bringing dreams to life and is willing to work hard to achieve her goals while helping others. Nedra's core values include: integrity, passion, commitment, love, humility, courage, and family. 

Who are our clients??

  •  Individuals who desire to grow personally and professionally
  • Large Organizations, Small Businesses, or those looking to start a business
  • Business professionals who need help with leadership, public speaking, creating presentations, soft skills, resume enhancement, document creation
  • Schools, Churches, Community
  • Anyone who needs support or mentorship
  • Artist who need original song lyrics, music, or poetry
  • Families or companies who need event planning services