Business Services

Training Workshops & Services

    The best way to improve productivity and service is by having a winning team. We provide dynamic workshops that  will inspire/train your team and give your organization a competitive advantage and making sure they are equipped with the necessary tools to provide elite customer service. Below are popular themes however we will custimize the workshops based on business needs.

Workshop Themes: Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Leading by example, Building Rapport, How to get promoted, Finding Great Talent, How to improve soft skills, Have difficult conversations that yield results, Identity-Who are you?, etc
Workshop Process: We arrange a consultation to determine appropriate services. Each workshop will include presentations, interactive activities, and assessments. Lunch will be provided for sessions over 4 hours. 

Inventory: Level Elite will conduct inventory and submit a detailed report. This gives your organization time to focus on productivity and training.
Presentation or Document Creation: Allow Level Elite to create a dynamic  PowerPoint Presentation. We also create policies and procedures, update handbooks, and assist with performance management documents. 

Secret Shopper Evaluation: Level Elite will shop your organization and provide an analysis and profitability recommendations.

Business Professional Training: Do you or one of your employees have potential but struggle with communication, presenting, or professionalism? It's time to break those barriers. Schedule a session and watch the growth.

  • Power Workshop: 3-6 Hour Session-  $75-$150 per employee
  • Team Building Workshop: 1 Day (8 hours) $1,000-3,400; 2 Day (16 hours)$3,500 -$9,000; 3 Day (24 hours): $10,000-$23,000
  • Inventory Services: starts at $35 per hour
  • Powerpoint Presentation Creation $100 and up (fee is only for preparation)
  • Document Creation (Handbook, policy, procedures, contract,etc) $150 and up
  • Shopper Service & Analysis $75 and up
  • Employee Hire Training 3 Sessions $150 
  • Individual Professionalism Training: $75 per hour (ask about our summer special)

We customize all packages and will accommodate your budget.

Coaching Sessions


    Allow level elite to observe your operations. It's often beneficial to have someone outside of your organization to take a look at things. Having someone not associated with your company could be exactly what is needed. Our specialist will develop a game plan to assist with any needs and have candid conversations full of optimism, support, and transparency. We also provide coaching on every level from new hires to executive leaders. If there are individuals who need personal coaching, we provide hourly sessions that generate positive results. 

“Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference." John Wooden

  • Business Coaching $200 per hour
  • Employee Coaching $75 per hour

"Action is the foundational key to all success." -Pablo Picasso

    Take action. It's not enough to identify staff issues. Seeking guidance and help shows the value of the employee and the company's willingness to invest in them by providing training and support.