Business Development

     We offer a number of services to assist with the operation of your business. We specialize in training, staffing, process improvement, inventory, culture enhancement, event planning, mystery shop services, etc.

 Additionally, we help new business owners bring their vision to life by giving start-up guidance.


   Visibility is the key to any successful company. Our marketing department would love to give your organization additional exposure. Let us create flyers, banners, business cards, and marketing material for your clients. We can also design a signature website or provide gifts for your clients and employees.

Event Planning

   Are you planning an event but need someone to handle the details? Let us decorate, advertise, prepare food, find the perfect venue and make sure all needs are met. We specialize in romantic occasions and would love to help with engagements, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Motivational Speaking

      Allow Level Elite to encourage and inspire your team. The environment of your organization and confidence of your team members will have a direct impact on productivity. Topics such as innovation, professionalism, and emotional intelligence can ignite your staff. We also provide services for schools, churches, and community programs.


    Do you have talented employees that could use more training? Let Level Elite take your leadership team to another level. We create presentations. We also offer interactive training for employees on every level. We train on emotional intelligence, talent developments, personality adaptation, and more.


   Level Elite believes in mentorship. Whether you need a business mentor or someone to assist with community youth, we are here. Mentors instill life skills and are able to transfer a wealth of knowledge when given the opportunity. It is important that everyone has a positive support system. Development is the key for our future leaders.

Document Preparation


          Have you been overlooked for a  job that you were qualified for? Does your resume need to be updated? Its important that your skills are highlighted on paper. Now is the time to take your career to another level. Level Elite would love to support you and assist with professional growth.

Curriculum Vitae

       Allow Level Elite to help you showcase your achievements. Curriculum vitae are at least 2 to 3 pages long and summarize an individuals skills and experiences. They are  typically longer than resumes. They include degrees, academic background, awards, publications, etc. 




         Do you need a personal or business contract? It's important to place verbal agreements in writing. Let Level Elite prepare your documents so you can focus on operating your business. We also offer notary services if needed. We also prepare personal agreements. (loaning money, selling merchandise, etc.)

Song Lyrics/ Poetry

       Are you an artist who loves to sing but need great lyrics? Do you have writers block and need a little inspiration? Would you love creative poetry for an event? Allow Level Elite to enhance your song or occasion. We also collaborate with other artists upon request.

Business Plan

   Do you have a business idea that you would love to present to investors? Have you planned how you would make your desires of owning a business a reality? Level Elite can assist and make sure the foundation of your company is secure. 

"Most people don't plan to fail; they fail to plan.". - John L. Beckley


  Allow Level Elite to highlight your achievements. A biography will tell the audience who you are and what you have endured and accomplished. It's important to know the background of an individual. Biographies are powerful and give great insight regarding the character of an individual .